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B2B Outreach and Sales Development

Cold Email and LinkedIn Outreach, B2B Lead Generation in the UK & Europe



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Cold Outreach

The goal of cold outreach is to generate new leads and opportunities and warm up contacts. We start with Cold Email, LinkedIn, followed by warm calls. It mostly ends with an appointment set, but we sometimes give demos or facilitate webinars on behalf of our clients.

Sales Development

Our Sales Development Executives are responsible for generating high-quality leads to support your sales.

Our Appointment Setters bridge the gap between prospects and sales meetings, ensuring a smooth transition and quality.

Our Role

When it comes to initiating conversations with your dormant or new, unknown prospects, we implement this approach  on your behalf through various channels, such as email, LinkedIn, warm phone calls and SMS/Text messaging.


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At Airwin Leads, we assist our clients in achieving growth and success through Cold Outreach for Lead generation, sales prospecting, appointment setting, and research.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to aid businesses in expanding their customer base, generating more and larger orders and subsequently boosting their revenue. Our highly skilled professional team is committed to providing top-tier leads and contributing to our clients' success. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and established strategies, we pinpoint and connect with dormant or prospective customers, aiding our clients in reaching their sales objectives. Regardless of your company's size, we possess the expertise and resources to fulfil your lead generation requirements, from small startups to large corporations. Work with the Airwin team to elevate your business to greater heights.



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